How To Get Started With Faucethub

NB, Faucethub is rebuilding, and not usable at this time!

Step 1:

Head over to Faucethub and register, using your main Bitcoin Wallet! If you are completely new to cryptocurrency and don’t have any wallets set up, I recommend you start with Coinbase, and use those wallets for selling the bigger coins, I do this myself and it is instant and secure!

If Coinbase isn’t supported in your country, then Freewallet is a good alternative!

When you have registered at Coinbase, they generate some wallets for you. Click on “Accounts”, and it will look something like this:

Click on the “Receive” button under the coin you want to find your wallet address for, and then head back to Faucethub Dashboard!

Step 2:

Now you are ready to add the wallet to Faucethub! From the dashboard, click on “Wallet Addresses” and start linking your wallets! If you are on another page of Faucethub and looking for dashboard, hover over “user” in the top right, and you find it there!

Step 3:

Then you put the Wallet Address you want to link, and choose the correct coin from the dropdown menu:

After that, you should be good to go! 🙂 Repeat this for all the wallets you find on Coinbase! For some of the other coins I recommend apps like Coinimi and Freewallet where you find the most of them. And I have a stand-alone Tron wallet on my mobile (you need 2 Tron wallets, one for HORA). Primecoin wallet has to be downloaded to a pc/mac from Primecoin Homepage.


Faucethub allows you to exchange any currency into Bitcoin, so you don’t have to actively keep track of all these wallets. Make sure you have an idea of where you keep them in case something unexpected should happen. I never withdraw from faucethub to anything but Bitcoin myself!

These are the same wallets you want to link to other faucets who pay out via Faucethub! To make sure I make no mistakes there, I go the wallet addresses on Faucethub to copy.

Now go get started with FireFaucet!

P.S: Alucatlabs and Dogeflip: Dogecoin auto-faucets that will level you up super fast on Faucethub. Simply do 1 quick shortlink, and it will give you a crazy amount of small payouts to Faucethub for the next couple of hours. Faucethub gives xp per deposit, regardless of size!

If you are having trouble with anything, don’t hesitate to ask for further assistance in the comment section below! 🙂

11 thoughts on “How To Get Started With Faucethub

  1. Hi thanks 4 your guides. One question I have re wallet addresses and linking faucet hub with firefaucet. I have a remote ledger wallet which generates a different wallet address with each transaction. Is there an easier way to accommodate this when linking the two websites?? Thanks

    1. Is that your main bitcoin wallet, or some other coin? Either way I would get a wallet on Freewallet if you can find it there, then transfer on from that to your random one after you withdraw from Faucethub (no fees last time I checked).

      Hopefully that helps! 🙂

  2. QWEROFAUCET is a scam that makes you do loads of recaptures and sends you to loads of spam as a thank you. Cheers for this awful referral. The shortlink does appear on the site but your bounced off the page instantly

  3. hello my friend, great site that i following almost since the beginner.

    one question ;

    its better claims big regards fron fire faucet or cointiply? the difference are huge, but the coins in firefaucet are not santochis (will be in autoclaim), but in cointiply athey are.

    for example reach a nivel in certain game mobile, in firefaucet give me 90 000 coins (that will be to auto claim to convert in cripto), the same game in cointiply give me 4700 points (here are santochis ) .

    be aware that this offers its only for first time users in game, in witch faucet you chosse ?

    i hope you undertstand.

    greats and keep the great work

    1. Hi! 🙂 I think I understand what you mean, and when it comes to one time offers like games, I would do those on cointiply! And just try to find surveys (preferably Mediumpath) on FireFaucet, but I know that can be hard depending on country!

      1. ok thanks for reply my friend, but any specif reason to do one time offers in cointiply? indeed firefaucet? because i think (almost sure) in FF is big mor profitle, and its both a trust faucet. or pure instinct ?

        i only want to understand ,because i need to make in one of them.

        best regards mate

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