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FireFaucet is the best autofaucet I’ve found, and an excellent source of free bitcoin and other cryptocoins. It’s exactly what it sounds like, a faucet that claims automatically for you! There’s a bit of setup required, but once that’s done, maintenance is pretty simple.

In this guide I want to focus on how to get the most out of FireFaucet!

Step 1:

Register an account on FireFaucet! Once you have done that, click on the dropdown menu on the top right (with your username on it) and “wallet addresses”, and start filling them out as you please. You can exchange between coins, so no need for them all unless you really want to!

Step 2:

Get Autoclaims! Autoclaims are built up with something called ACP (Auto Claim Points I believe). The best way to get more ACP is by doing a survey on MediumPath Offerwall. I do this once a day, and it gives a significant bump to faucet up-time!

Step 3:

Then you want to do 35 shortlinks (What are shortlinks?) and 10 ACP Faucet Claims daily for the daily task bonus. Shortlinks also give nice xp for the level system. For me, there are usually not that many surveys available, so it can take some time to get all tasks done. But this depends on where you live. Even so, it takes me no more than 1-2 hours a day to get all this done (except that you have to wait 30 minutes between every faucet claim).

Here is a short video showing me doing a few of the more annoying shortlinks, to give you an idea of how they work!

One little tip that may seem obvious, is to listen to music or have another screen with a fun show on while doing boring and mindless tasks like this!

Also a PSA: Don’t do shortlinks in public, many of them are NSFW!

As you can see, this will give you an extra 200 satoshi in rewards, but you will also go up at least 1-2 levels every day. Which will give you bonus satoshi! This will increase a lot over time, and the xp requirement seems to stay about the same.

Step 4:

When you are ready to start auto-claiming, you can find it on the dashboard by scrolling down a little further. Then you can tick off what coins you want to claim. Read the settings guide on there if you want, but if you do all the daily tasks with 1 of the surveys from mediumpath, you will get more than enough claims to claim all coins, every minute, with 4x for at least the next 24 hours! You need to leave the tab open for it to keep claiming (but doesn’t have to be in focus)!

Even if you want to be more conservative with your claim settings, make sure to have some ready for the weekends, because they have a few happy hours, adding 50% to every claim for an hour! You will see a timer on your Dashboard on Saturday and Sunday for when the next happy hour will start, so be sure to set it to 4x just before that at least! 🙂

Give it some time and keep at it, and I guarantee you will see the income grow pretty decent!

That’s all for now, don’t hesitate to ask any questions or come with some feedback in the comments below! Any feedback is very appreciated!

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11 thoughts on “FireFaucet Guide

  1. El tutorial es solo para entendidos en el tema porque yo no me entere de nada, soy nuevo en esto y no me aporro mucho

    1. I google translated your comment, and from what I understand, you want more in depth on how to get started? Thank you for the feedback, but please keep it in English! 🙂 I will get started on showing how to set up Faucethub and get the wallets up and working too!

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