Coinpot Faucets Guide

Step 1:

First of all you need to set up a Coinpot account, but it’s free and easy, and you can withdraw the coins to any wallet with no fee. I recommend you convert everything to BTC while the price of Bitcoin is low.

Step 2:

Then put in the same email on all these faucets that deposit coins directly to your coinpot:

Step 3:

Claim from every faucet at least once a day, to earn a loyalty bonus of up to 100%!

As you can see from my Litecoin example below, you also get a mystery bonus. This is random on every claim, and can be anything from 0-100%.

Then there’s 1% for every active referral you have at that point. Active meaning they have claimed in the last 72 hours.

On Moon Bitcoin, you can get up to 100% offer bonus too, but I recommend you do those offers on Firefaucet or Cointiply instead!

I leave these tabs open, so each claim takes less than a minute a day, and this one gave me 2330 litoshi! Not bad! I am only at 44% loyalty and could get an even higher mystery bonus, so there is a lot more potential here.

It may feel slow at first, but bonuses add up if you keep at it! 😉 You also get more if you claim more often, it builds faster in the beginning! Not to forget that you get 3 coinpot tokens for every claim, and bonuses on milestones like 100/500/1000 claims etc!

Claim amounts vary with time between claims and the current value of that coin!

Want to see more good faucets?

Any questions, concerns or input – please leave a comment below, and I will get back to you at my earliest convenience! 🙂 Your feedback is valuable!

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