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I am a 31 year old engineer form Norway. Got my degree back in 2015, but had a hard time finding a job with no experience, so I started looking into making money online.

Like most people, my journey started by googling “how to make money online”, poking the hornets nest of internet marketing. I got into probably 50 different “free trials” and paid programs over a few months, most of them were actually free or gave me a refund – whereas 1 or 2 were pure scams (but got my money back through a form at the bank).

None of them really got me anywhere, except I did learn a lot about how things work online.

Then I bought a course on dropshipping in early 2017, followed it, got my site up and started seeing some success! I was loving it for a couple of months before the Facebook ad costs suddenly scy-rocketed and complaints about slow delivery from China kept rolling in!

I was aware of cryptocurrency back then too, but never invested or got too into it.

I got demoralized by the dropshipping thing becoming too much work for no pay, so I shut down everything and pretty much gave up on making money online. Then returned to trying to find a job.

In 2018 I still had no job, and came across some youtube videos about phone farming. Which is having many mobile phones running money making apps passively. I thought that was very interesting, and bought about 20 older, cheaper phones – many with broken screens. As it turns out, this may work somewhat in the US, but is not that great in my Country of Norway. However, there was one app that saved me and mostly recovered my costs, that still pays me to this day. Cashmagnet! Which is why I promote it on my faucet list.

I took another break from all of it until the summer of 2019, when I decided to whip out some of my phones to try farming a little more.

Then I randomly noticed that the price of bitcoin had skyrocketed again, and it sparked my interest in cryptocurrency.

I had dabbled in faucets before, so it wasn’t exactly new, but now I want to get serious about it!

A lot of the programs I mentioned earlier, included info on affiliate marketing via blogging among other media, so I want to use that experience to help out as many people as possible. To hopefully avoid wasting time on scams and faucets that don’t pay. In return, all I ask is you join through my referral links to help me test faster on the sites I am unsure about, and give feedback to help me help you better! 🙂

Take care and happy hunting!

I thought about adding another story here, but noticed it’s long enough – so I made a new post about it!

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